Affiliated Companies

Our affiliated companies give us access to new market opportunities, allows the group to maintain a foothold in the traditional maritime centre of London, provide added value and expand the reach of the group

Bray Shipping Co. Ltd.

Bray Shipping Co Ltd was established in 1946 in London and acts as Agents to Owners. The offices are strategically located in The Baltic Exchange building at 38 St. Mary Axe in London.

Bray Hellas Ltd.

Bray Hellas Ltd. provides shipbroking services to Owners. The company is active in fixing the vessels that are managed by Niovis Shipping Co. S.A. and in S&P deals. The offices are located in Piraeus.

Kinissis Navigation Ltd.

Kinissis Navigation Ltd. acts as a chartering company. The company charters-in dry cargo vessels on single time charter trips or on period. The offices are located in Piraeus.